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A postsecular ministry applying Scripture in today's world.

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Our Services

A priesthood of all believers dedicated to the delivery of the 3 angels message to everyone.

Full Gospel Church Service

Discipleship Training

Helping Widows and Orphans


Jesus said,

"Many are called, few are Chosen."

God's Angels are messengers.  Our mission is bar none the Everlasting Gospel Commission of Revelation 14:6-12.


What Folks Are Saying:

I am super impressed by the dedication of this ministry.  The love they have for others and their desire to help unequivocally is very rare now days.  These guys are the real deal.  Their music is FANTASTIC! They lift up Jesus as Lord & Savior!!!

Edrey Oliveira

These Bikers share a complete understanding of the 3 Angels Message that is made so simple, a 5th grader can understand it and share likewise!  I've not found it shared this simple anywhere.  They were such a tremendous blessing to our church service.  Kudios

Jenny Gorospe

Wow!  Wow!  I cannot convey in words the impact this ministry has had on me.  I was looking for an out of the box ministry to help others and the Lord led me to the Angels.  May King Jesus lead His Angels in 3AM as they rumble forward. 

Daniel Martin


We follow the WAY, aka Jesus Christ,  and the simple example that He gave us which brings true success...

We want to mingle with men as one who desires their good.  We want to show sympathy for others, minister to their needs, and win their confidence. Then we will bade them, “Follow Us.”


Riding For King Jesus

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