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The ministry model to follow...

New Testament Modus Operandi

About Us

3AM is an independent, non-profit ministry that models the New Testament.

In the New Testament, "tent making" was the principle source of income for God's people as an occupation not a spiritualized, re-interpretative version of a tithing system from the Old Testament. 

The Baby-Sitting model portrayed in most mainline Christian churches is not the tent-making Biblical model where each believer is empowered to be effective for the Lord wherever they are in life. 

Because our angels are tent makers so to speak and no one gets paid to fulfill the Lord's calling on their life, donation funds are freed to be used in the ministry with very limited overhead. 

Those who are called by the Lord will share the Everlasting Gospel whether they are paid or not because their love for Christ compels them.  This is their vocation and avocation.   

This shifts the work back to those who are called and not to those just looking for a paycheck, a career or a corporate ladder power trip. 

501c3 Motorcycle Association

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In the fall of 1997 while on the plains of Colorado looking down on the mile high city of Denver and having the whole front range from Pike's Peak to Wyoming in view, the idea of a motorcycle ministry that would faithfully share the three angels' messages was conceived. 


The 3 Angels' Messages being the central focus of this ministry allowed for the acronym 3AM to be a fitting emblem.  No design was yet manifest until three years later when a book using a 2 dimensional drawing of Allen T. Collins 3 Angels sculpture, was discovered in Keene, Texas. 


With permission from Mrs. Collins and a strong desire to use this on our cut, we moved forward with the ministry in the Spring of 2009 using a patch that represents our mission of the Everlasting Gospel taken from Revelation 14:6-12 which these 3 angels bear.  We met, incorporated and then was born the motorcycle association known as 3AM. 

Years later after quizzing those whose responsibility was to proclaim the 3 Angels' Messages, it became apparent that folks did not know what these messages even are.  I asked the Lord to give me a simple way of explaining them and He delivered with the 3 C's.  Creator, Counterfeit, & Choice summarize these 3 angels.  The first angel says, "worship Him who made the heaven the earth, the sea and the springs of water."  This is all about our CREATOR.  Furthermore, you will see that the Bible teaches us that Jesus Christ is this Creator and His mark is His 7-day Sabbath almost quoted verbatim here from Exodus 20:11.  The 2nd angel says, "Babylon is fallen..." Babylon tended to reinterpret Scripture incorrectly and forces worship even the  worship of an image (Daneil 3/Revelation 13).  This is definitely a COUNTERFEIT.  And lastly, the 3rd angel starts its message with the little word "IF".  This denotes a CHOICE!  It really is a choice whom you will worship.  You may choose the Counterfeit that looks Christian even or you may choose the genuine message of the Creator.  It is your decision to make.  As for me and my house, we will choose the LORD. 

What sets us apart from other ministries is our philosophy of salvation.  Whereas others believe that their works cooperate with grace to somehow qualify them for heaven, we believe what Scripture teaches about God's amazing grace--that it was free, that it encompasses all our guilt, that it changes us and that it is available to all.  There is no need to be neurotic as to whether or not we are saved...our salvation is in Jesus Christ.  That brings rest!  In addition to this, our unique understanding of eschatological/end time events is very rare indeed.  How many bikers can explain to you what the mark of the beast actually is and how to avoid it? 

"Building each other up in the most holy faith."


3AM is a discipleship ministry.  We are in the process of making/building disciples of Jesus.  We share how to be saved and how to share that with others.  We teach others what Scripture says about life, death and the here after.  We let the Lord reveal the spiritual realm encompassing our own and His will for your life.  And then we send you out prepared to make other disciples. 

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