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Our Services


Church Services

We meet people where they are and then guide them to something better.  As we lead, the church services  encourage and uplift God's people. 


Revival Service

We understand the need to get tuned up.  We bring an experience that recharges participants for the Lord and His work.  --Rushing Wind


Evangelistic Efforts

We offer both traditional and non traditional evangelistic opportunities including: booths, public speaking, prophecy seminars, and literature.


Song Service

Music is a powerful tool for the spiritual journey and our angels sing to both inspire listeners and impress the Lord's presence in the audience. 


ATV/Off-road Camping

Sometimes you just have to get into the woods and ride endless trails.  We do this in groups while witnessing the goodness of the Lord of creation. 


Cross Country Rides

When the road calls, we answer and have ridden well over 250,000 miles crisscrossing the nation in group rides. Nothing compares!


Fishing Trips

Whether it be in the mountain streams and rivers or the salt water adventures, we get the itch to fish and find great memories to boot. 


Weddings & Funerals

We officiate weddings, funerals and other special events at no charge. Let us help you make a life long, good memory with your loved ones. 


Black Sheep Friends

We aren't afraid of our black sheep friends.  Jesus is a friend of sinners and so are we.  Non-judgmental, peace loving angels is who we are. 


World Travel Trips

We've been places and still so many yet to see.  Join us on our next rendezvous to grow in Jesus while touring other countries on two wheels.



If you are wanting to be baptized or re-baptized, then we can oblige.  We encourage you to connect with us for your appointment with the Lord. 


Student Sponsors

We have sponsored students since the beginning of our existence as a ministry.  If you are interested in a scholarship then contact us. 


Missionary Journeys

Helping the less fortunate is what we are all about.  Whether it be in another country or in the states, we aim to improve lives for the better.  Join us.

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Video Studio

Reaching others through video is another endeavor we have.  It can go places we can't safely on foot. Your donations help us reach our goal. 


Friends For Eternity

Life is about the great memories and great friends we make.  The here after is no different.  We make friends for both realities.  Got friends?

"True religion is caring for widows and orphans."

James 1:27

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